Saturday, 8 March 2014


He taught me how the real life is.
He taught my to think beyond what's in my mind.
He reminds me how to make things better.
He guides me to have a life.
He always comes out with solution when I'd lost hope.
He knows how to make me smile and laugh when I'm at my worst.
He knows what he is doing and he know its worth for his future.
He made me think and think and think.
*don't ask me why I like you because I will come out only with positive things* haha

he lives a different life from me. 
he leads a different life from me.

I'm eager.
I love to explore new things. 
Can I explore your life and fit with the differences? 

hey you! 

how can you get the key of my heart when everyone else search for it and didn't found it? 
and the thing is, do you wanna use the key or not?