Sunday, 21 December 2014


its been a long time i didn't spend my time here.
having a hectic days throughout the last months and weeks of final year students.

fuhhh. let's start my story for the day. 

there's one guy, came into my life and touch my heart. 

yeah, there's several guy i like before, and several guys approach me before, 
but it didn't came as sincere as this.

just knowing him for a few days, 
and i don't know how can i accept his proposal out of blue. 

as the fact is we can talk things just like we known each other for years but the reality is we just know each other for few days. 

yeah, if people knows, they would say that I'm taking a risk. 
but I'm just following what my heart says, because my heart had start whispering your name. 

it took years for me to move on from the first love and after few guys, you are the one who can fully diminish the name.

bila perempuan ni dah tahu erti rindu,
bila perempuan ni dah rasa erti sayang,
takkan ada jalan untuk dia lepaskan apa yang dia cinta. 

saya pernah beritahu awak, 
i don't need a short-term relationship or just for fun.
i'm seeking for those who gonna stay,
so if you'd enter,
please stay and remain forever in my life. 

i'd told you before,
i  didn't find someone just for experience and memories.
because i'm the one who lives with memories and hard to move on.

hari ni, seminggu trial period kita tamat. 
kalau awak tanya saya, saya kata saya nak teruskan.
tapi semua bergantung pada awak. 

i know your condition, 
and again, I'm willing to take the risk to be there for you through the thick and thin.

i don't have specific purpose, it just, i'd fall for you. 

i wish i can be your last and you would be my last too. 

and here, this post dedicated to you.
not everybody know the presence of my blog.
and you're the lucky one! haha

dear wan, I Love You. 
and i won't give up on you. 

this song is for you.

Mr Wan
answer the question below, 

So, will you be the love of my life? 

a. Yes
b. No
c. Uncertain