Thursday, 10 October 2013


here i am, 
furthering degree in UiTM Puncak Alam.

Bachelor of Business Admin (honours) 
International Business.

I'd made a step forward.

I wish I can grad with flying colours.

forget all the unfinished love story.
forget all the tears and sadness before.
forget all the egoistic people who always think they the only one that right.

here, the new me,
with a new spirit,
with a new hopes.

finding a new love?
maybe not.
but can't avoid myself to have a crush. ^.^

i don't think its wrong for me to have a crush, isn't?

back to school years,
i do had a crush with a boy with the name AA,
and because of he is the student from the 1st ranking class,
I do wish I can get into that 1st rank class also.
and proved, I got straight A's for my PMR 
but he was not. :P

forget the first crush,
but still, if there's time, I do want to thanks him,
for giving me support without he realize
and it do change my life. 

what a nonsense story I'd make up here.

end of the story,
it's me, 

Nur Amirah Amani.
I'm turn into a new me,
and to all peoples from the past and presents,
I do seek forgiveness from you guys for all the wrong done, 
the harsh and the mistakes that i'd done before.

forgive me,
and do pray for me to lead my life happily and successfully.

I'm not focusing on anybody,
but I do mean everybody.

Mira Amani.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


aku keliru.
ketiadaan dirasai kehilangan,
kehilangan mengajar erti kerinduan.

aku keliru.
tiada dia buat aku rasa perlu,
ada dia buat aku rasa mahu.

sayang , ya.
cinta , entah.

tapi aku perlu bahu,
yang selalu ada tika perlu.

dan aku ingin kata,
yang sentiasa memberi semangat tika duka.

dia lengkap,
dia memahami,
dia menerima seadanya.

ya, aku yg sentiasa menidakkan.

andai kubiar,
dapat lagi kah aku jumpa yang sepertinya?

Ya Allah,
aku buntu,
aku keliru
bantulah aku.

bukalah pintu hati aku untuk cinta,
andai dia benar untukku.

i'd forget where did i put the key of my heart.