Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Differences of a BOY and a GIRL


When a boy is quiet,
he has nothing to say.

When a boy is not arguing,
He not in the mood of arguing

When a boy looks at you 
with eyes full of questions,
He is really confused

When a boy answers ‘I’m fine’ 
after a few seconds,
He is actually fine.


When a boy stares at you,
He is either amazed or angry.

When a boy lays in your lap,
He is wishing for you to be his forever.

When a boy call or text you every day,
He is spending a lot of his 
time to get your attention.

When a boy sms’s you sweet messages,
He is forwarding them.
When a boy says I love you,
It’s not the first time.

When a boy says that he
 can’t live without you,
He has made up in his mind
that you are his for at least a week.


When a girl is quiet,
Millions of things are running in her mind

When a girl is not arguing,
She is think deeply.

When a girl look at you 
with eyes full of questions,
She is wondering how long 
you will be around.
When a girl answers ‘I’m fine’ 
after a few seconds,
She is not at all fine.


When a girl stares at you,
She is wondering why you are lying

When a girl lays on 
your chest,
She is wishing for you 
to be hers forever.


When a girl calls you every day,
She is seeking for your attention.


When a girl texting you every day,
She only wants you to reply at least once.

When a girl says I love you,
She means it

When a girl says that she 
can’t live without you,
She has made up in her mind 
that you are her future.

When a girl says I miss you,
No one in this world can 
miss you more than her...

So boys, when you do love a girl,                          And for girls, when you've found
love her with all you hearts.                          the boy that can bring you happiness,
Never waste the opportunity                                  never forget to appreciate him
to make her happy.                                     before you regret when you lose him..


      thanks for reading..
     <3 mira amani

Monday, 19 September 2011



Sembunyikan matahari dan turunkan petir dan kilat.
Kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya;

Ke mana hilang nya sinar..

Nak hadiah kan kita pelangi...


Jangan bersedih..
Jangan meratap lagi.

Pasti ada hikmah disebalik setiap sesuatu yg terjadi.


Memberi kita jawapan dalam 3 cara :
1.      DIA katakan ‘ya’ dan beri kamu apa yang kamu mahukan.
2.     DIA kata ‘tidak’ dan beri kamu sesuatu yang lebih baik.
3.      DIA kata ‘tunggu’ dan beri kamu yang terbaik!

Apa yang perlu kita lakukan adalah bersabar dalam menghadapi setiap dugaan yang mendatang
Kerana setiap sesuatu yang terjadi itu,
Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik nya.

p/s : masih mengharap kedatangan pelangi yang tidak kunjung tiba

Thanx for reading.
<3 mira amani